Mesh belt dryer

Fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity, large drying output,

and overall industrial improvement for enterprise users!  

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      Tangerine peel dryer

      Drying cycle: 4~8 hours

      Operating temperature: 40~80℃

      Matching heat source: combustion type, energy type, power consumption type, water heat type

      Net belt tangerine peel dryer adopts mature processing and production technology, with reliable operation, large output, high efficiency, low overall energy consumption.

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      Product advantage

      1.more understanding early decision,  product knowledge key points: large output: the dryer is a multi-layer cycle dynamic drying mode, can be 24 hours mass drying processing.

      2.High quality: dried tangerine peel has complete shape and moderate moisture, which is trusted by users.

      3.make decisions with knowledge, users should understand this: intelligent and accurate: the use of intelligent control system, can ensure the temperature, time, air volume and other parameters control in the drying process.

      4.cost saving: only one person can complete the whole equipment, drying time is also shortened, saving labor and time cost.

      5.High heat energy conversion rate: Independently developed heat exchange device, which can be matched with various heat sources, the heat energy conversion rate is as high as 95%.

      6.clean health: the whole drying process is completed in the closed box, will not be polluted by the outside world.

      7.long equipment life: remind users to understand,the overall running speed of the dryer is very slow, almost no wearing parts, in normal use, the service life is as long as ten to fifteen years or more.



      Working principle

      1.The heat source provides heat, and the cold air is introduced by the induced draft fan. The cold air is heated into hot air after the heat exchanger of the heat source part, which is sent into the dryer to air dry the material.

      2.with knowledge to make decisions, {enterprise full name 1} remind the industry friends to understand this: the material from the conveyor belt on the material leveling mechanism to the net belt, in the dryer is "S" shape operation; The hot air generated by the induced draft fan is evenly dispersed in the dryer. Because the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the hot air moves up naturally and passes through each layer of mesh belt, making the material fully contact with the hot air to achieve the purpose of drying.



      Technical parameter


      Dryer model number

      Spreading area

      Handling capacity

      Total power

      Floor area (length * width * height)

      2×6 meters × 4 layers


      3 tons


      20*5*3.5 meters

      2 x 8 meters x 4 layers


      5 tons


      22*5*3.5 meters

      2 x 10 meters x 4 layers


      7 tons


      26*5*3.5 meters

      2 x 12 meters x 4 layers


      9 tons


      28*5*3.5 meters

      2 x 15 meters x 4 layers


      12 tons


      31*5*3.5 meters

      2 x 20 meters x 4 layers


      15 tons


      36*5*3.5 meters

      2.5 x 12 meters x 6 layers


      16 tons


      30*6*3.5 meters

      2.5 x 15 meters x 6 layers


      18 tons


      33*6*3.5 meters

      2.5 x 20 meters x 6 layers


      22 tons


      38*6*3.5 meters

      2.5 x 25 meters x 6 layers


      25 tons


      43*6*3.5 meters

      2.5 x 30 meters x 6 layers


      30 tons


      48*6*3.5 meters

      Note: Coal or biomass is used as heat source, and chili is used as raw material.





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